After a day at work shit, I was glad it was Friday night and I was willing to pay my usual visit Jean Wow, she wanted wide6 to do it tonight ! ring, was full of anticipation of what was going to go and when Jean opened the door, greeted me in his usual form as we kissed in the room, his hands were on me, it seemed that the pleasure of me when I was her ! push my hand into his pants, I felt her breasts through her ??underwear Jean took me to the living room door open when we kissed Continue when we entered the room, I had suddenly realized Jean and the company immediately withdrew from Jean! Nel sat on the sofa and said with a smile: "Hello " looked change that greeted me with a questioning look of Jean " is well," said Nel, "Jean told me about you! " s" Sit back, wide6 and I'll get a couple of drinks, "said Jean I Nel had been known for some time, as he visited several times a year, because he lived was about the same age as wide6 Jean and had some realTed " I know you're married, but that Jean so happy," Nel said, "everything is fine with me ", she came with a smile Jean with drinks and started chatting like Jean huddled for me \\ \\ n Nel was as much as Jean, very easy to follow with the night and went well, as we chatted away dressed so much alike and have the same interests, Nel was widowed also as the night moved nel drained his glass and said he was ready to retire to bed when the day trip was tired was nel had just arrived today and has been for a week to keep I nel kissed on the cheek as we left them alone. Could I hope Jean to ask about Nel know about us " OK," said Jean, "I can not trust them" " But I am married," I continued, n kissed me to calm down, and soon I was distracted from my concerns After a while, Jean stood back and said, "Come, let's go to bed," " What about Nel ? "I asked " Stop worrying, "continued Jean, that took me out of my foot was asleep Nel at the Spaback to the room and when we went downstairs to the hall, I saw the door slightly open How did Jean bedroom, put on the bedside lamp before in my arms, as if once kissed a relieve Jean - overhead bridge I noticed she was wearing was a pantycorsellette as usual, he asked me to stop soon discovered that our underwear wide6 lying in bed together and I could not wait to be in jeans ! After going through the usual routine of opening his underwear and licking her pussy until she came, it was finally my turn I knowledge Nel on the other side of the wall and touched me I felt so high as I relaxed in jeans, her vagina grip me all the way wide6 ! was very gently and slowly, as relieved O Jean "What is happening? " Jean called a " I do not want to bother Nel," I said Jean smiled and said "Do not worry," and grabbed my ass I am encouraged that more shit n He soon began to complain and the head of the bed! against the wall! Even the idea that Nel, aBLE heard in the room next door and soon became Jean We were together for some time before cleaning and Jean came wide6 to the door to see a I have always found sexy nightgown and Jean feel encouraged outline of her panties me, but I had enough for one night! I cried for a few days later, during my lunch hour and said something interesting conversation with Jean, but I was dying to ask what Nelson had said? Jean smiled broadly and said Nel had put in his bed listening and was admitted now, as Jean was very fortunate to have a young man ! Jean Nel had wide6 admitted he was curious to know if your body that could inspire even surprise after nearly 10 years of inactivity and also admit the typing n, for the first time in a long time as you! the following comment by Jean and excited as if I would be interested in, asked Nel "would not be fair to you ? " I asked " If you as happy as you made me do, make me happyNo, only when visitors, "she replied " Come tomorrow at noon, " said The next day came and I was nervous and shy when I knocked on the door I know see Nel would be another way! to my surprise, Nel opened the door and invited me to " Your aunt has been shopping," said Nel, my puzzled look " Would you like some tea," he continued, as I Health When they made some tea, I took in his appearance with a bright green dress buttoned front you had a very good figure for her age, but I think the average as more attractive could be replaced I wonder what was the situation with Nel, Jean had discussed me, I wondered ? Nel set of teacups on the table and sat down beside me, her perfume smelled good chatted a bit, I tried, as the situation has Nel, I wondered : as we talked, he told me how happy he was that I was so happy to Jean in it, put my hand on her leg and said, "I like Jean In thet " Although he was nervous, he said: " You want to make you happy " by putting his head on my shoulder, whispered: " I do not know, maybe I'm too old, " " of course not," I replied, as I moved my hand on her dress and caressed her legs feeling her nylons his breath was warm on my wide6 neck and stood up as my hand slid up the inside thigh ! then I totally rubbed between her legs, pulled one of her soft moans ! Yes, you want to order, I thought, was turning his wide6 head to her, I kissed her lips softly ! " Oh God we have," he whispered, "What a kiss! "" I never said that before the "I replied before kissing again! " It's like I 'm melting in you! "She whispered, as we continue to Remove felt his hand between her legs, her breasts in front of her dress before the release of the first two buttons of her dress This is a mainstay of the light green lace brought to light, and I slipped my hand into her dress to cup her nipple and looked with n moaned again, as kissed new After a few moments got up and said : "We can not see" and led me into his bedroom Standing in front of me, we kissed, as was his underwear through her ??dress, before he turned away and opened all the buttons of her dress panties was in her bra, panties kind in the stomach! firming materials I to facilitate their dress and their appearance was in his underwear n " I hope not to be deterred," said " Quite the contrary," I replied and said: "I just could cum just looking now! " you smiled at the fact that he put his hand over my hard cock in my pants to confirm, but soon went to my disappointment ! pulls my pants I quickly took her to his bed and lay down, before kissing n kissed every part of your body, under my real time, despite how badly wanted to soon one of her breasts wide6 freed by his wide6 owner, and I liked playing wide6 with her nipples with his tongue ! next left your socks andFeeling underwear slip was amazing how close edges around the legs of my attention, held in front of the solid material between the legs! After removing the bra and kissed me between her legs, rubbing the nylon material of her panties in the innermost region If you do outside, I took off the black hair around her pussy as opposed Jean Ness blonde before it opened soon with my fingers! was dry and I quickly pushed my tongue into her when I worked at her, his hands on my head was on his way at least she was enjoying it ! his moans pain stronger than my lower jaw and tongue began before she clenched her thighs around my head as it came ! I enjoy his climax as I pulled my pants down my ??hard cock stood out in the expectation of what happens next! that was at this point that I am, therefore, these older women had noticed ! These women do not have wide6 one and only thought is far from me, I got so good n t, but alsothought and the feeling of sinking my cock into her for the first time was overwhelming! " Are you ready? " I asked as I moved between her legs nodded nervously re-open with your fingers, I guided my cock to your entry! ease the tip, I found my ticket to complete, but it was strong! again and harder this time! that made her moan, but was withdrawn halfway yet and gradually penetrate fully before this time I loved seeing the expressions on their faces while spreading her vagina for the first time in years ! fuck her slowly, wanted to wide6 enjoy it fully and yet I knew that I would come faster and soon! had just begun, and suddenly enjoy! My aunt was at the door of the room! vi nervous! not fear, as I smiled and turned to have! the thought Nel, while Jean was about to not feel the same, however, and began to fuck her hard! Nel wide6 complained aloud aware that Jean was about! wide6 I have not much more than it is injected deep into it! When the dust settled, I had to keep Nel near me and whisper how good it was, but felt bad that Jean was so close to Nel began to mourn, too, when he met feel all After a while I got up and dressed and Jean made ??a point to let us know he was doing a sound in my n I met Jean in the kitchen, I said "sorry," " do not be silly "he said, as provided for Nell n " would be better if they attend, "he said," She feels she let down " to Jean Nel went to see and hear her crying wide6 might therefore I decided to leave and Jean later called you said, everything was fine and I would visit on Friday, as usual, to which I agree, of course, also on Friday, I found myself nervously ringing at the door, but I did not have to worry about, since Jean waved at me and kissed me warmly Nel also welcomed me warmly and kissed wide6 me longing When we sat down with a glass of wine, said Jean , how happy he was, it was a result of ork between Nel and I You even said that when Nel wanted, they could have sex with me, as if to enjoy myself remained almost every wide6 week ! suggested a threesome, but Jean said : "Do not push your luck" before suggesting Nel make me go to bed when she leaves the next day I have and it was better than the first time n As I mentioned before, I always left when Jean turned to me, the feeling of her panties over her nightgown ! This time, she was gagging for it, and although I did not have much time, as soon as I pulled her panties to rest the knee, which was declared against the corridor wall, was ready to go in it and pulled her nightgown, opened my pants and grabbed her foot sometime later, I have money, and Jean Nel and I thought how perfect farewell.. life
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